Chapter 5 - Computer Maintenance - Retrospective II

We have come to the end of the line. We cleaned the junk files, checked and updated our operating system. We have checked and updated the hardware drivers and checked the hard drive. We also ran malware scans and ways to fix your machine if it wont boot up. Hopefully, your machine is running great and any issues were resolved.

Enjoy the Cheat Sheet of all the important links below.

Let's look at our second retrospective.

If you follow these chapters once a month you will keep your machine running at top performance. You could also purchase the software that will help keep your protection solid but that depends on your budget. There are too many products on the market these days that can help keep your machine in top gear. As I mentioned before, I am not a big personal anti-virus user (unless in a company environment) as it has been years since I have had a virus. My problems have been exploits with malware and browsers. I know anti-virus products are into the malware protection these days, but these tools listed here have had many years of development ahead of companies like Norton. I have tried them, but they are with Windows Defender as "Software getting better but not quite there yet" category.

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We have covered so far...
CH 1: Computer Maintenance - Junk File Tune Up
CH 2: Computer Maintenance - OS Tune Up
CH 3: Computer Maintenance - Hardware Tune Up
CH 4: Computer Maintenance - Malware Tune up
CH 5: Computer Maintenance - Restrospective II

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3/26/2019 - Chapter 1 - Junk File Tune Up
3/28/2019 - Chapter 2 - OS Tune Up
3/31/2019 - Chapter 3 - Hardware Tune Up
4/3/2019 - Chapter 4 - Malware Tune Up
4/3/2019 - Chapter 5 - Retrospective II