Avoid workstation set up mistakes with your onboarding projects and complete them ahead of time.

Project Checklist is a tool that MSP's and organizations can utilize that will help eliminate workstation replacement mistakes by creating a database of software and workstations. A checklist can be created from scratch or from an inventoried system. Our process guarantees the software and data has been properly set up and configured on a new system.

Technicians perform and verify each step in the configuration process and a project manager can verify the work completed and overall progress.

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iCloud Outlook Apple Inc.
IIS Express Microsoft Corporation
iLinc 12 Client
iManage Drive iManage LLC
iManage Drive Native iManage LLC
Immersed Agent Immersed
Integra32 Security System (Client) RBH Access Technologies Inc.
Intel(R) C++ Redistributables on Intel(R) 64 Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Chipset Device Software Intel(R) Corporation
Intel(R) Computing Improvement Program Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Dynamic Tuning Intel Corporation
Intel(R) HID Event Filter Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Management Engine Components Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Processor Graphics Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Serial IO Intel Corporation
Intel(R) User Awareness Service Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Virtual Buttons Intel Corporation
Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth(R) Intel Corporation
Intel® Driver & Support Assistant Intel
Intel® Integrated Sensor Solution Intel Corporation
Intel® Optane™ Pinning Explorer Extensions Intel Corporation
Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software Intel Corporation
Intel® Security Assist Intel Corporation
Intel® Software Guard Extensions Platform Software Intel Corporation
IP Office Admin Suite Avaya
IP Office Voicemail Pro build 1 Avaya
IrfanView (32-bit) Irfan Skiljan
IrfanView (64-bit) Irfan Skiljan
iSEEK AnswerWorks English Runtime Vantage Linguistics
iTunes Apple Inc.
iVMS-4200 Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
iVMS-4200(V_E) hikvision
iVMS-4200(V_ML) hikvision