Checklists are designed to reduce errors, ensure consistency and increase productivity.

Project Checklist is a tool that MSP's and organizations can utilize that will help eliminate workstation replacement mistakes by creating a database of software and workstations. A checklist can be created from scratch or from an inventoried system. Our process guarantees the software and data has been properly set up and configured on a new system.

Technicians perform and verify each step in the configuration process and a project manager can verify the work completed and overall progress.

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VC12X86Redist Intuit Inc.
VideoPad Video Editor NCH Software
Virtual Desktop Service Virtual Desktop, Inc.
Virtual Desktop Streamer Virtual Desktop, Inc.
Visual C++ 2008 x86 Runtime Microsoft Corporation
Visual Studio Build Tools 2019 Microsoft Corporation
VLC media player VideoLAN
VLC media player (64-bit) VideoLAN
VMware vSphere Client VMware, Inc.
Vulkan Run Time Libraries Intel Corporation Inc.