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The Rules

1) Cars start the season in numbered order. The race results will affect the next race as the starting order will be opposite. Example: Casey Coupe wins the race, then Casey Coupe will start last the next race. The last car left on the track wins.
2) Class races are 16 points for a win, 14 for second and all the way down to last for 2 points.
3) There will be 10 regular season races with 4 Raceoff races with the top 6 cars. The car with the most points will be crowned the champion.
4) NEW: The Bridge. A second chance at survival or failure?
5) Season 2 starts December 1st 2021 and will conclude on Christmas.

The Cars

Casey Coupe

Hank Hotrod

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Kelly Kompact

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Taylor Taxi

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Tina Turbo

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Wendy Wagon

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The Races

Date League Winner Video
11/25/2021 Group Casey Coupe Race Season 2 Preview Race 2
11/22/2021 Group Wendy Wagon Race Season 2 Preview Race 1


Place Car Points Wins Sponsor
1) Kelly Kompact 0 0 Sponsor This Car
2) Tina Turbo 0 0 Sponsor This Car
3) Taylor Taxi 0 0 Sponsor This Car
4) Hank Hotrod 0 0 Sponsor This Car
5) Casey Coupe 0 0
6) Wendy Wagon 0 0 Sponsor This Car
7) Nando 0 0 Sponsor This Car
8) Sparky 0 0


The Track

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