Cool Cars Racing on a Treadmill.

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1) Season 8 Champions & Winners starts June 6th, 2022 and will conclude on June 29, 2022
2) Cars start in no particular order. After the first race, the winner starts in the last position. Last place start first.
3) Race points are 10 points for a win, 9 for second and all the way down to last for 1 points. RaceOff is 12 points for a win and all the way down to 2 points for last place.
4) There will be 14 regular season races with 5 RaceOff races with the top 6 cars. The car with the most points will be crowned the champion.

Brian's 74 Escort is the Season 7 Winner!

Champions & Winners: Season 8 will be named Champions & Winners. All Champions and top winners will compete for the top spot.

Letty's 66 Corvette is the Season 6 Winner!

CT vs Brian: Season 7 will be named CT vs Brian. There will be 5 cars that Brian drove in the FF movies versus CT cars.

CT: Open Attack: Brian's 94 Supra has replaced the 328 due to axle issues.

CT: Open Attack has been delayed a few days and will start April 12th 2022.

CT: Open Attack will be season 6 with CT, FF and other cars and trucks that attempt to survive the attack.

Leslie XL is bowing out of Season 5 to allow Wendy Wagon the chance to defend her title.

Nando is back for Season 5. His accusations have been cleared and he is happy to return to the track.

A portal opened up to another universe and Dom's 68 Charger Widebody, Letty's 66 Vette and Brian's 2002 Skyline came through and set up Season 5 CT vs FF Multiverse. There will only be 4 CT cars going up against the dual threats of Dom, Letty & Brian.

LED lighting has been added to the Wall for better viewing of the race. Champions have been added.

Leslie XL is the Season 3 Champion. Can she continue in Season 4 CT VS FF starting February 1st 2022?

RaceOffs! The regular season has come to an end. Season 3 RaceOffs start January 22nd 2022.

The GATE! The Bridge was replaced with The Gate. Nothing is going to get through unless we want it to.

CT vs FF! Chevron Techron VS Fast and the Furious. The FF cars (62.7 oz) do weigh more than the CT (47.2 oz) cars minus Cary Carrier who is coming out of retirement. There will be 6 CT cars vs 4 FF cars. CT vs FF starts February 1st, 2022.

New Sponsor: Get Maine Lobster. They are sponsoring Taylor Taxi as they deliver the finest Maine lobster and seafood from our docks, right to your doorstep.

New: Side Ramp Rails. Cars will no longer get stuck on the side of the track. The only way out is over the ramp or under the bridge!

CT Racing Season 3 is ready to go. 10 cars passed their inspections. Are you ready for DEATH RACE?

Nando has been disqualified for season 3 for allegations of sexual misconduct. Several cars came forward to mention they felt violated by his constant touching and inappropriate kissing. An investigation is underway.

Sparky has been disqualified for season 3 for cranking. He has been using illegal wheel cranking adjustments. This was discovered by a CT Racing surprise inspection. More information to follow.

Hank Hotrod is the season 2 champion. Hank finished six and last in the group to make the RaceOffs and won 2 of the 4 RaceOffs. The underdog takes the championship.

Kelley Kompact is the season 1 champion. Kelley finished first in the Mini class and went on to win the RaceOffs with 2 wins.

Brian's 02 Skyline

Brian's 74 Escort

Brian's 94 Supra

Dom's 70 Charger

Hank Hotrod

Kelley Kompact

Leslie XL

Letty's 66 Corvette

Taylor Taxi

Wendy Wagon

Date League Winner Video

Place Car Points Wins Sponsor
*1) Letty's 66 Corvette 0 0
*2) Wendy Wagon 0 0
*3) Leslie XL 0 0
*4) Hank Hotrod 0 0
*5) Kelley Kompact 0 0
*6) Dom's 70 Charger 0 0
7) Taylor Taxi 0 0
8) Brian's 02 Skyline 0 0
9) Brian's 94 Supra 0 0
10) Brian's 74 Escort 0 0


Car Points Season Sponsor
Brian's 74 Escort 46 7  
Letty's 66 Corvette 46 6
Wendy Wagon 42 5  
Wendy Wagon 32 4  
Leslie XL 38 3
Hank Hotrod 40 2  
03 60 1  

Car Total Wins
Brian's 94 Supra 17
Taylor Taxi 11
Brian's 02 Skyline 10
Dom's 70 Charger 8
Hank Hotrod 8

CT vs Brian – Season 7 Winner: Brian’s 74 Escort!

Top Billing Rank: #1
Publish Date: May 26, 2022
Author: Platty

Platty Says: "My bet was on the 94 Supra!"

CT vs Brian: Season 7

Top Billing Rank: #2
Publish Date: May 01, 2022
Author: Platty

Platty Says: "Will Brian, Brian, Brian, Brian or Brian Win?"

CT: Open Attack – Letty's 66 Corvette Is The Open Attack Champion!

Top Billing Rank: #3
Publish Date: May 01, 2022
Author: Platty

Platty Says: "Letty's 66 Corvette is the new CT Racing Champion!"

CT Season 6: Open Attack

Top Billing Rank: #4
Publish Date: April 08, 2022
Author: Platty

Platty Says: "Let the games begin!"