My latest project's unique monthly traffic using only free tools and social media with no paid services or paid posts. Doing it all myself and for free (Minus hosting & my time) can still get results. The timeframe is from June 18, 2019 to August 03, 2021.

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3/16/2021 - Prelude: Websites, Schemas, Search Engines and Social Media
3/1/2019 - Chapter 1 - Hello World! - Website Upgrade
3/5/2019 - Chapter 2 - The Big 4
3/10/2019 - Chapter 3 - Mobile and Browser Support
3/12/2019 - Chapter 4 - Old School
3/16/2019 - Chapter 5 - Posting and Searching
3/22/2019 - Chapter 6 - Images and Analytics
3/24/2019 - Chapter 7 - Retrospective I
4/13/2019 - Free Basic Website Meta Tag Generator

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