Chapter 7 - Retrospective I

We have come to the end of the line. There might be a miscellaneous chapter covering some of the obscure tactics, but these chapters will help guide you to successful campaigns. There are some areas that we did not cover like the software used to create the images or the programming languages that could be used to bring this content to your screen. We didn't get into the server hardware, OS software or database platforms used either.

This chapter is a visual representation of what we are trying to accomplish.

Enjoy the Cheat Sheet of all the important links below.

Let's look at our first retrospective.


Sharing Directly to Social Media
As you can see from my awesome clip art representation of these chapters, that you are losing opportunities if you just post content to your favorite media platform. Yes, the platform itself has tons of users but why not do what is required to get as much traffic and opportunities as possible? Plus, you are not maximizing your web space which includes your core content plus Meta Tags, Open Graph, Twitter Cards,, Analytics, Searching and Banner Ads. Links and Email campaigns will tie it all together. Share your website and make it the main source of information.

Sharing to Social Media With Your Website
You post your website URL for your products and service on social media while search engines crawl your content and improve your search base audience. Base your email campaigns around your website and pull the traffic from the social media platforms rather than us the typical "Find us on ...<insert media platform here>..." tactic.
Stand out from the crowd!

Cheat Sheet

Chapter 2

Try the Facebook for Developers Sharing Debugger
Try the LinkedIn Post Inspector
Try the Pinterest Rich Pins Validator
Try the Twitter Card Validator
Try the Schema Validator by Google

Chapter 3

Browser Marker Share -
OS Market Share -

Chapter 5

Timing of Posts
US Population - MetricMaps

Scheduled Posts
Facebook Help Center
Twitter Business Scheduled Tweets
Pinterest Schedule Pins

Paid Services
Facebook Ads and Post Boosting
LinkedIn Ads
LinkedIn Premium
Twitter Ads
Twitter Promoted Tweets
Pinterest Ads
Pinterest Promoted Pins
Instagram Ads and Promoted Posts
Google AdSense

Chapter 6

Facebook Size Dimensions
LinkedIn Image Specifications
Twitter Card Specifications
Pinterest Pin Sizing
Instagram Image Help

Facebook Analytics
Twitter Analytics
LinkedIn Analytics
Pinterest Analytics
Instagram Analytics
Google Analytics


We have covered so far...
CH 2: Meta Tags
CH 2: Open Graph
CH 2: Twitter Cards
CH 2:
CH 3: Mobile Support (IOS and Android)
CH 3: OS Support (IOS, Android and Windows)
CH 3: Browser Support (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE and Edge)
CH 4: Backlinks (From social media, search engines and other websites and services)
CH 4: Banner Ads
CH 4: Email Campaigns
CH 5: Best Time To Post
CH 5: Hashtags
CH 5: Searching
CH 5: Scheduled Posting
CH 5: Paid Services
CH 6: Images
CH 6: Analytics
CH 7: Retrospective I

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